FA Step 5 and 6 Restructuring update

Sun 14th April 2019 | Announcements
By Ian Templeman

The FA’s Leagues Committee has announced their latest restructuring plans for Step 5 and 6 of the National Leagues System.

In a bulletin issued to leagues across the country, the FA Leagues Committee Chairman Ray Lewis explained the latest proposals.

"The FA Leagues Committee have had a long-held desire to move towards a ‘pure’ pyramid in terms of the Competition structure, and we have communicated previously that the intention was to achieve a 1-2-4-8-1616 structure at Steps 1 to 6.

"It became apparent whilst looking to provide a solution for what is a significant geographical challenge in the South West of England that a seventeenth division at Step 6 would be required".

Therefore, the proposed progression of the structure at Steps 1 to 6 will be as follows:

​Present day

Step 5 – 14 divisions of 20

Step 6 – 19 divisions of 14-20 dependent on League

Season 2019-20

Step 5 – 14 divisions of 20

Step 6 – 20 divisions of 14-20 dependent on League

Season 2020-21

Step 5 – 16. The 14 existing divisions, plus two brand new divisions

Step 6 – a reduction from 20 to 17 divisions – 18-20 teams (initially) dependent on League and promotion from Step 7 on completion of 2019-20 ​


At Step 5, the process for the allocation of the two new divisions will commence with an initial expression from Leagues.

Subject to there being multiple expressions of interest for either or both of the new divisions, a tender process will follow. The current ‘owners’ of the 14 Leagues will retain this status as the footprint of their respective Competitions are not largely affected. ​

At Step 6, two divisions have been allocated to the South West Peninsula League. This means that 15 further division ‘owners’ are required.

Owing to the fact that The FA does not currently know which Leagues have a desire to operate which divisions, all 15 divisions will be subject to an expression of interest process.

Once the expressions of interest have been received, The FA will confirm the next steps of the process.

As far as the Hallmark Security League is concerned, the League Management Committee have registered its interest to the FA in running areas 2 and 4 at Step 6 for 2020/21, which are the areas currently covered by our North and South Divisions.


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