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Jeremy Corbyn visits City of Liverpool Community training session

Wed 20th June 2018 | City of Liverpool
By Gary Johansen

There was a surprise visitor at City of Liverpool Community's weekly training session at Everton Park Sports Centre on Sunday afternoon.

Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, attended the #FootballForEveryone session along with Labour MP for Liverpool Walton, Dan Carden.

They discussed the vital work and support that City of Liverpool Community do with Refugees, Asylum Seekers and the Homeless as part of their #FootballForEveryone scheme, a project with the overall aim of helping the players to become more involved in their local community.

Sean Lindblad, who runs the scheme said, "“It was amazing to have Jeremy Corbyn taking time out to come and see us today, and to have the opportunity to speak with him about the work we do.

"He offered us some great advice and was a genuinely nice person. The lads in the team were all made up and were delighted to get pictures taken with him.”

Club Media Director Gary Johansen added: "City of Liverpool FC’s Community scheme has helped over 300 players play football in a non-competitive and friendly environment with fully qualified coaches taking the sessions each week.

"They also supply kits and boots to anyone who can't afford them in order to enable them to play safely and with the right equipment. It's a fantastic scheme and really brings people together from all walks of life, situations and struggles".

One of the scheme's coaches, Michael Meadows, said: "It was fantastic to meet Jeremy Corbyn and talk with him about the work we’ve been doing with our squad of footballers from all over the World. It was also great to hear how enthusiastic he was about ensuring Refugees, Asylum Seekers and those who are Homeless are treated with compassion and welcomed into our communities.

"The lads were all delighted and it’s certainly huge recognition for the project in general".

Michael continued, "We’ve been overwhelmed by the support we’ve received from both the City as a whole and COLFC since we started, and this is just another example of the famous Liverpool attitudes towards community, inclusivity and solidarity being recognised.

"We hope the exposure this has generated will encourage others to set up similar projects and support the less fortunate in their own communities too".

Jeremy Corbyn is pictured below at the session.

If you would like more information about City of Liverpool Community and their #FootballForEveryone scheme, then you can find them on Twitter - @COLFCcommunity or at their website by clicking here.


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