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Successful Big Coat Day appeal at 1874 Northwich

Tue 16th January 2018 | 1874 Northwich
By Ian Templeman

1874 Northwich completed their Big Coat Day appeal at their game against AFC Liverpool on Saturday.

The appeal had originally been scheduled to take place on Saturday 30th December, but the game on that day against Irlam was postponed, so the event was held at the next available Saturday game.

Stephen Richardson from 1874 Northwich's Community Development team explained how the idea developed.

"I contacted our local branch of the Salvation Army to put forward the idea of our Big Coat Day, and the response was extremely positive.

"The charity explained that they were always grateful for donations of Winter Coats, Hats, Scarves and gloves and that they would ensure that any such donations were distributed to the areas needy and rough sleepers.

"The response has been fantastic with supporters donating well over 100 coats for redistribution to rough sleepers by the local branch of Salvation Army.

"The people at the Salvation Army are most grateful for assistance in this way, explaining that as many rough sleepers do not have regular access to laundry facilities, their coats take a battering in the winter, and the opportunity to exchange an old wet and dirty coat for a fresh dry one is always appreciated.

"The success of Big Coat Day has prompted us to make this an annual event in our community calendar, and we would encourage other clubs to consider running similar appeals in their areas.

"It shows that clubs can make a big difference to the local community, without asking for a financial committment from supporters".


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