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Big Coat Day at 1874

Tue 19th December 2017 | 1874 Northwich
By Ian Templeman

1874 Northwich are asking supporters to donate any winter coats that they no longer require to a collection being made by the club, at the home league game against Irlam on the 30th December.

The event has been named "Big Coat Day" and all coats collected will then be passed to the Northwich branch of the Salvation Army, who will arrange distribution to the homeless and rough sleepers in the area.

Stephen Richardson from 1874 Northwich's Community Development team explained how the idea developed.

"Our Big Coat appeal came about as a result of a slight rethink about the way that 1874 Northwich could help and work with our local community", said Stephen.

"The Community team at the club were conscious that over the last few years we have asked our fans to support a number of initiatives for our chosen charities and a number of local causes.

"However, we realised that our community work, in whatever format it had taken, ultimately led to our supporters being asked to donate cash, whether it be in the form of sponsorship, a bucket collection or a raffle.

"In today's financial climate we realised that we needed to look at ways that we could support our local good causes, without constantly requesting money off our supporters.

"I contacted our local branch of the Salvation Army to put forward the idea of our Big Coat Day and the response was extremely positive.

"The charity explained that they were always grateful for donations of Winter Coats, Hats, Scarves and gloves and that they would ensure that any such donations were distributed to the areas needy and rough sleepers.

"We are looking for any warm coats, in wearable condition, that you feel that you no longer need.

"This is the perfect opportunity to recycle that coat that has been hanging on the rack, the one that you don’t wear but it’s too good to throw out. If Santa brings you a new coat for Christmas, how about donating your old one?

"The Salvation Army will also be pleased to accept Hats, Scarves and Gloves.

"We hope that our collection on 30th December will be a great success, and will be looking forward to repeating this appeal on an annual basis".


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