League statement - new Step 6 League

Tue 10th October 2017 | Announcements
By Ian Templeman

As everyone should now be aware, we have been successful in our application to the FA to run the additional Step 6 Division in the North West from season 2018/19.

This has already created considerable interest from potential clubs, and a tremendous amount of positive comment on Twitter etc.
The League Chairman and myself are aware that many individuals have been asked for information, and we feel that this general response should be issued, so that we have a measured approach and do not make any false statements.
The FA will be handling the application process and will be informing all Step 7 Leagues of their decision, followed by notification to Step 7 Clubs inviting applications.
At the present time, we do not know what entry criteria the FA will require, but expect it to be relaxed. By that, we mean they may consider Clubs finishing below the top 5 positions in their respective Step 7 League and consideration given to Clubs not currently in a Step 7 League. However, we expect that Step 7 League Clubs would take priority.

We do not know if there will be a restriction on the number of clubs allowed from a particular League. We do not know if any relaxation on grading will be allowed, as this could involve funding issues with the Football Foundation.
It is expected that the North / South split will possibly be the M62, and there is a possibility of lateral movement of Clubs from other Step 6 Leagues as they have to reduce to 20 Clubs per Division. It is hoped that both Divisions will commence with a minimum of 16 Clubs per Division, the maximum being 20 Clubs per Division.
We will be working with the FA in the near future in order to clarify the entry process.

In the meantime, any Club requiring clarification on any of the above should contact myself, as we do offer an advisory ground grading visit and general discussion on costs of membership etc.

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