Statement from City of Liverpool FC

Thu 19th January 2017 | Announcements
By Ian Templeman

The following statement has been issued by City of Liverpool FC and published on their club website. 

Statement from City of Liverpool FC

On Friday of last week we issued a statement on our website that we intended as a factual reporting of a decision made by the League Management Committee, concerning a request we had made for a delayed kick off v. Litherland Remyca on Saturday 21st January.

The League Management have made it clear to us that they consider the details not to be fully correct, and that Litherland Remyca were in no way to blame for the Committee's decision.

We now accept that our statement was not fully correct and have accepted the Management Committee’s decision. We offer our sincere apologies to the League Management Committee and Litherland Remyca for the distress caused. We accept that this statement triggered unnecessary comments on social media, of which, have no place in football.

We would like to remind all concerned that such comments are unacceptable.

The Hallmark Security League is an FA Respect League; all supporters, including Directors, Volunteers and fans are free to enjoy the game and the banter that goes with it, but we must treat our opponents and match officials accordingly.

I hope that all our fans understand, and that we look forward to renewing our sporting rivalry with our near neighbours on Saturday.

Neither the club nor the Hallmark Security League will be making any further comment on the matter.


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