Whitchurch Alport
Luke Goddard and Carl Everall
Yockings Park

Current Position: 5th

P W D L F A Pts
42 26 7 9 97 45 85

Current Form: 8th

6 2 3 1 12 3

Last Six Matches:

Date Opponent Score
06/05/17City of Liverpool FC (A)L 0-1
29/04/17Prestwich Heys (A)W 2-1
25/04/17Carlisle City (A)D 0-0
22/04/17AFC Blackpool (A)D 0-0
17/04/17Litherland REMYCA (H)L 1-2
15/04/17Bacup Borough (A)D 0-0

Next Six Matches:

Date Opponent K.O.
No Matches Found

Latest News:

Two charity donations from Alport
Whitchurch Alport made two sizeable charity donations last week, one in their home town and one further afield.
New sponsorship deal for Alport
Whitchurch Alport have announced a major sponsorship deal with local business AJ Reid Independent Estate Agents.
Progress is the aim at Alport
Whitchurch Alport manager Luke Goddard admits he has adjusted his original targets for the season, with his team continuing to set the pace at the top of Division One.
Alport announce new ground development plans
Whitchurch Alport have announced an ambitious fund raising plan for the upgrading of the changing rooms and shower facilities at Yockings Park.

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Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition H/A K.O Score Goalscorers
Sat 06/08/16Daisy Hill H15:00W 2-0 Mike Blundell (28p)
Nick Marley (89)
Tue 09/08/16Eccleshall H19:45W 5-0 Mike Blundell (16)
Simon Everall (25)
Simon Everall (35)
Mike Blundell (47)
Simon Everall (82)
Sat 13/08/16Holker Old Boys A15:00L 0-3
Sat 20/08/16Charnock Richard H15:00L 0-2
Tue 23/08/16FC Oswestry Town A19:45W 3-0 Simon Everall (7)
Simon Everall (33)
Mathew Ashbrook (52)
Sat 27/08/16Stockport Town A15:00W 5-1 Daniel Tinsley (38)
Simon Everall (41)
Alex Hughes (43)
Alex Hughes (46)
Simon Everall (71)
Tue 30/08/16Alsager Town H19:45L 1-2 Alex Hughes (52p)
Sat 03/09/16Carlisle City H15:00W 3-1 Elliot Ledwards (53)
Matty Ashbrook (70)
Dean Twigg (89)
Mon 05/09/16Widnes A19:45W 3-1 Matthew Ashbrook (4)
Simon Everall (64)
Own Goal (69)
Sat 10/09/16Wellington H15:00L 1-2 Jordan Elcock (8)
  (The Buildbase FA Vase 1Q)
  (AET, 1-1 after 90 mins)
Sat 17/09/16Charnock Richard A15:00W 3-2 Daniel Tinsley (33)
Daniel Tinsley (39)
Daniel Tinsley (64)
Sat 24/09/16Sandbach United H15:00D 1-1 Mike Blundell (52)
Tue 27/09/16City of Liverpool FC A19:45W 3-2 Michael Blundell (33)
Dean Twigg (81)
Michael Blundell (88p)
Sat 01/10/16Chadderton H15:00W 3-0 Mike Blundell (9)
Simon Everall (14)
Simon Everall (20)
Tue 04/10/16Widnes H19:45L 2-5 Ryan Thomas (15)
Dan Tinsley (90p)
Sat 08/10/16Atherton LR A15:00W 1-0 Michael Blundell (56p)
Tue 11/10/16Sandbach United N19:45W 3-0 Alex Hughes (29)
Matthew Ashbrook (59)
Michael Blundell (66p)
Sat 15/10/16AFC Blackpool H15:00W 2-1 Alex Hughes (55)
Mike Blundell (75)
Wed 19/10/16Eccleshall A19:45W 5-0 Carl Everall (33)
Matthew Ashbrook (37)
Simon Everall (56)
Michael Blundell (64)
Daniel Tinsley (79)
Sat 22/10/16Silsden A15:00W 3-0 Simon Everall (24)
Mike Blundell (67p)
Mike Blundell (80)
Tue 25/10/16AFC BroseleyH19:45Postp
  (Shropshire Cup 1)
Sat 29/10/16Maine Road H15:00L 1-2 Mike Blundell (66)
  (The Macron Cup 2)
Sat 05/11/16Alsager Town H15:00W 4-0 Mike Blundell (15)
Alex Hughes (24)
Matthew Ashbrook (67)
Matthew Ashbrook (88)
  (The Reusch First Division Cup 2 S)
Sat 12/11/16Bacup BoroughA15:00Postp
Tue 15/11/16City of Liverpool FC H19:45L 1-2 Simon Everall (67)
Sat 19/11/16Stockport Town H15:00W 2-1 Alex Hughes (25p)
Dean Twigg (61)
Sat 26/11/16Cheadle Town H15:00D 0-0
Sat 03/12/16Holker Old Boys A15:00L 2-3 Simon Everall (62)
Dean Twigg (104)
  (The Reusch First Division Cup QF)
  (AET, 1-1 after 90 mins)
Wed 07/12/16Allscott H19:30W 7-1 Dean Twigg (11)
Simon Everall (23)
Simon Everall (28)
Mike Blundell (31)
Mike Blundell (45)
Steve Jones (74)
Simon Everall (83)
  (Shropshire Cup QF)
Sat 10/12/16Litherland REMYCA A15:00D 2-2 Steven McNichol (26)
Elliot Ledwards (66)
Sat 17/12/16St Helens Town H15:00W 3-0 Michael Blundell (20)
Michael Blundell (26)
Simon Everall (34)
Mon 26/12/16FC Oswestry Town H14:00W 2-0 Ryan Thomas (11)
Michael Blundell (85)
Sat 31/12/16Alsager Town A15:00W 1-0 Alex Hughes (85)
Sat 07/01/17Cheadle Town A15:00D 3-3 Simon Everall (9)
Michael Blundell (54p)
Michael Blundell (65)
Sat 14/01/17Ashton Town H15:00W 4-0 Elliot Ledwards (24)
Wesley Nelson (52)
Simon Everall (81)
Simon Everall (85)
Sat 21/01/17Chadderton A15:00L 0-3
Sat 28/01/17St Helens TownN15:00Postp
Sat 04/02/17Prestwich Heys H15:00L 1-3 Michael Blundell (20)
Tue 14/02/17Market Drayton Town N19:45L 0-1
  (Shropshire Cup SF)
Sat 18/02/17Atherton LR H15:00W 2-1 Simon Everall (69)
Matthew Ashbrook (72)
Sat 25/02/17AFC BlackpoolA15:00Postp
Sat 04/03/17Bacup BoroughA15:00Postp
Sat 11/03/17Bacup Borough H15:00W 3-0 Simon Everall (23)
Simon Everall (87)
Paul Hudson (90)
Sat 18/03/17Ashton TownA15:00Postp
Sat 25/03/17Silsden H15:00L 0-1
Mon 27/03/17Daisy Hill A19:45W 7-3 Mike Blundell (34)
Mike Blundell (39)
Simon Everall (42)
Simon Everall (45)
Matthew Ashbrook (77)
Elliot Edwards (85)
Matthew Ashbrook (90)
Sat 01/04/17Carlisle CityA15:00Postp
Thu 06/04/17St Helens Town N19:45W 3-2 Luke Walley (8)
Simon Everall (50)
Own Goal (86)
Sat 08/04/17Holker Old Boys H15:00W 3-0 Stevie McNichol (9)
Simon Everall (15)
Michael Blundell (59)
Tue 11/04/17Ashton Town A19:45W 9-0 Michael Blundell (31p)
Paul Hudson (43)
Michael Blundell (45)
Michael Blundell (55)
Simon Everall (59)
Luke Walley (63)
Michael Blundell (75)
Luke Walley (78)
Own Goal (79)
Sat 15/04/17Bacup Borough A15:00D 0-0
Mon 17/04/17Litherland REMYCA H15:00L 1-2 Nick Marley (76)
Sat 22/04/17AFC Blackpool A15:00D 0-0
Tue 25/04/17Carlisle City A20:00D 0-0
Sat 29/04/17Prestwich Heys A15:00W 2-1 Alex Hughes (48)
Alex Hughes (65)
Sat 06/05/17City of Liverpool FC A15:00L 0-1
  (First Division Play Off SF)

Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition KO/Score
06/08/16Daisy Hill (H) W 2-0
09/08/16Eccleshall (H) W 5-0
13/08/16Holker OB (A) L 0-3
20/08/16Charnock Rich (H) L 0-2
23/08/16FC Oswestry (A) W 3-0
27/08/16Stockport Town (A) W 5-1
30/08/16Alsager Town (H) L 1-2
03/09/16Carlisle City (H) W 3-1
05/09/16Widnes (A) W 3-1
10/09/16Wellington (H) L 1-2
(The Buildbase FA Vase 1Q)
(AET, 1-1 after 90 mins)
17/09/16Charnock Rich (A) W 3-2
24/09/16Sandbach (H) D 1-1
27/09/16City of Lpool (A) W 3-2
01/10/16Chadderton (H) W 3-0
04/10/16Widnes (H) L 2-5
08/10/16Atherton LR (A) W 1-0
11/10/16Sandbach (A) W 3-0
15/10/16AFC Blackpool (H) W 2-1
19/10/16Eccleshall (A) W 5-0
22/10/16Silsden (A) W 3-0
25/10/16AFC Broseley (H) Postp
(Shropshire Cup 1)
29/10/16Maine Road (H) L 1-2
(The Macron Cup 2)
05/11/16Alsager Town (H) W 4-0
(The Reusch First Division Cup 2 S)
12/11/16Bacup Borough (A) Postp
15/11/16City of Lpool (H) L 1-2
19/11/16Stockport Town (H) W 2-1
26/11/16Cheadle Town (H) D 0-0
03/12/16Holker OB (A) L 2-3
(The Reusch First Division Cup QF)
(AET, 1-1 after 90 mins)
07/12/16Allscott (H) W 7-1
(Shropshire Cup QF)
10/12/16Lith REMYCA (A) D 2-2
17/12/16St Helens Town (H) W 3-0
26/12/16FC Oswestry (H) W 2-0
31/12/16Alsager Town (A) W 1-0
07/01/17Cheadle Town (A) D 3-3
14/01/17Ashton Town (H) W 4-0
21/01/17Chadderton (A) L 0-3
28/01/17St Helens Town (A) Postp
04/02/17Prestwich Heys (H) L 1-3
14/02/17Market Drayton (A) L 0-1
(Shropshire Cup SF)
18/02/17Atherton LR (H) W 2-1
25/02/17AFC Blackpool (A) Postp
04/03/17Bacup Borough (A) Postp
11/03/17Bacup Borough (H) W 3-0
18/03/17Ashton Town (A) Postp
25/03/17Silsden (H) L 0-1
27/03/17Daisy Hill (A) W 7-3
01/04/17Carlisle City (A) Postp
06/04/17St Helens Town (A) W 3-2
08/04/17Holker OB (H) W 3-0
11/04/17Ashton Town (A) W 9-0
15/04/17Bacup Borough (A) D 0-0
17/04/17Lith REMYCA (H) L 1-2
22/04/17AFC Blackpool (A) D 0-0
25/04/17Carlisle City (A) D 0-0
29/04/17Prestwich Heys (A) W 2-1
06/05/17City of Lpool (A) L 0-1
(First Division Play Off SF)

Squad Details

Player Name Appearances Goals Cards Mom
  Start Sub Start Sub Red Yellow  
Matthew Ashbrook28382228
Michael Blundell365272064
Kyristian Burzynski (GK)1000000
Nathan Cherrington0100000
Harry Coles *0000000
Robert Cooke (GK)3000000
Stuart Dickin0000000
Sam Dodd0200000
Jordan Elcock *2410010
Joseph Evans *1100010
Carl Everall44010072
Simon Everall4802900117
Luke Goddard22000060
Grant Hartley (GK)0000000
Paul Hudson6120011
Alex Hughes3110110010
Louis James26300040
Oliver Jepson *5300020
Challis Johnson0200000
Louis Johnson *3000000
Callum Jones1400000
Steven Jones5110000
Elliot Ledwards42231011
Harry Maclennan0400000
Nick Marley37811021
Jason McMullan0400000
Stephen McNichol271120241
Joe Minshall121600001
Wesley Nelson2310001
Liam Prince1400010
Daniel Read (GK)42000001
Toby Rimmer (GK)0000000
Kevin Street3000000
Peter Taylor0000000
Ryan Thomas31720050
Anthony Tinsley11200010
Daniel Tinsley *51142021
Dean Twigg42650030
Milosz Walentowicz (GK)3000000
Luke Walley12030002
George Ward *5100000
Keaton Webster2300001
Matthew Worrall0000000

* Indicates player is no longer a member of the squad

Staff Members

Carl Everall$ 
Luke Goddard$ 
Tony Ledwards$ 
Stephen May$ 
Nick Rimmer$ 

Matchday Information

Ground: Yockings Park

Address: Black Park Road, Whitchurch, Shropshire

Postcode: SY13 1PG


Midweek Night: Wednesday

2015/16 Admission Prices:

Directions: From the North either A41 or A49 into town. At main set of traffic lights turn first left (sign posted Whitchurch Alport FC) into Talbot Street, follow a long to Black Park Road, ground on the left. From the East A525 into Whitchurch, under the railway bridge and turn right into Queens Road, first left into Sainsbury Road then first right into Talbot Street than as above.

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Club Information

Legal Entity: Unincorporated

Ground: Yockings Park

Address: Black Park Road, Whitchurch, Shropshire

Postcode: SY13 1PG


Website: http://www.whitchurchalportfc.co.uk/

Twitter: @alportfc

Registered Colours: Red Shirts, Red Shorts, Red Stockings

Registered Goalkeeper Colours: Green Shirt, Green Shorts, Green Stockings

Alternative Colours: Blue Shirts, Blue Shorts, Blue Stockings

Alternative Goalkeeper Colours: Yellow Shirt, Yellow Shorts, Yellow Stockings

Secretary: Peter Stokes

Chairman: Andrew Hough

Manager: Luke Goddard and Carl Everall

Programme Editor: Marc Haller

Committee / Directors: Andrew Hough, Peter Stokes, Peter Wainwright, John Allman, Peter Tew, Matt Parkes, Paul Jackson, Phil Baldwin, Steve Burchell, June Burgess, Lester Shore

County Affiliation: Shropshire

Year Formed: 1946

Record Attendance:

Previous Leagues:

Cheshire League
Mercian League.


Shropshire County FA Challenge Premier Cup Winners: 1969/70, 1971/72, 1977/78, 1981/82, 1997/98, 2008/09
Shropshire County FA Challenge Cup Winners: 1950/51, 1953/54, 1957/58
Welsh FA Amateur Cup Winners: 1973/74
West Cheshire League Champions: 1969/70.