Atherton LR
Warren Jones
Crilly Park

Current Position: 16th

P W D L F A Pts
37 11 5 21 52 72 38

Current Form: 22nd

6 0 1 5 2 11

Last Six Matches:

Date Opponent Score
21/04/18Cheadle Town (A)L 1-2
17/04/18Silsden AFC (H)D 0-0
14/04/18Alsager Town (H)L 1-2
11/04/18Whitchurch Alport (H)L 0-3
09/04/18Daisy Hill (A)L 0-1
07/04/18St Helens Town (A)L 0-3

Next Six Matches:

Date Opponent K.O.
24/04/18Holker Old Boys (H)19:45
27/04/18Prestwich Heys (A)19:45
01/05/18FC Oswestry Town (A)19:45
05/05/18Eccleshall (H)15:00
07/05/18Nelson (A)15:00

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Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition H/A K.O Score Goalscorers
Sat 12/08/17Cheadle Town H15:00L 1-2 Theodore Kidd (58)
Wed 16/08/17Holker Old Boys A20:00D 0-0
Sat 19/08/17NelsonH15:00Postp
Sat 26/08/17Cammell Laird 1907 H15:00W 2-1 Rodney Ajayi (35)
Ryan Mellor (67)
Tue 29/08/17St Helens Town H19:45W 2-0 Rodney Ajayi (24)
Aaron Stott (85)
Sat 02/09/17Alsager Town A15:00L 0-1
Tue 05/09/17Silsden AFC A19:45L 0-2
Sat 09/09/17IrlamH15:00Postp
  (The Buildbase FA Vase 1Q)
Tue 12/09/17Irlam H19:45L 1-2 Gary Grier (51)
  (The Buildbase FA Vase 1Q)
Sat 16/09/17Chadderton H15:00L 2-3 Theodore Kidd (54)
Alex Guest (62)
Sat 23/09/17New Mills A15:00W 4-1 Ryan Mellor (19)
David Moore (36)
Jordan Arklie-Young (59)
Jordan Arklie-Young (89)
Sat 30/09/17Cammell Laird 1907 A15:00L 1-3 Daniel Pringle (62)
Sat 07/10/17Sandbach United H15:00L 1-4 Ryan Mellor (17)
Tue 10/10/17Carlisle CityH19:45Postp
  (The LWC Drinks First Division Cup 1 N)
Thu 12/10/17Carlisle CityH19:45Postp
  (The LWC Drinks First Division Cup 1 N)
Sat 14/10/17Whitchurch Alport A15:00L 0-2
Tue 17/10/17Carlisle City H19:45L 0-4
  (The Macron Cup 1 N)
Thu 19/10/17Carlisle City A19:45W 2-1 Dominic Butler (28)
Jordan Arklie-Young (77)
  (The LWC Drinks First Division Cup 1 N)
Sat 21/10/17AFC Blackpool A15:00W 6-1 Gary Grier (8)
Theodore Kidd (20)
Ashley Woodhead (25)
Gary Grier (44)
Gary Grier (50)
Theodore Kidd (75)
Sat 28/10/17Chadderton A15:00W 3-1 Theodore Kidd (27)
Theodore Kidd (42p)
David Moore (65)
Mon 30/10/17Nelson A19:45W 1-0 Jordan Arklie Young (14)
  (The LWC Drinks First Division Cup 2 N)
Sat 04/11/17Abbey Hulton United H15:00W 2-1 Ashley Woodhead (9)
Mitchell Robertson (62)
Tue 07/11/17Radcliffe Borough A19:45L 0-2
  (Lancashire Challenge Trophy 2)
Sat 11/11/17Litherland REMYCA A15:00D 3-3 David Moore (14p)
Nathan Strong (81)
Christian Grundy (89)
Tue 14/11/17Nelson H19:45W 3-2 Theodore Kidd (41)
David Moore (59)
Theodore Kidd (78)
Sat 18/11/17FC Oswestry Town H15:00L 0-1
Sat 25/11/17Abbey Hulton UnitedA15:00Postp
Tue 28/11/17Bacup BoroughH19:45Postp
Sat 02/12/17Carlisle City H15:00L 1-4 Christian Grundy (40)
Sat 09/12/17EccleshallA15:00Postp
Sat 16/12/17Silsden AFCH15:00Postp
Sat 23/12/17Stockport Town A15:00L 1-2 Edmund Walker (43)
Wed 27/12/17Daisy Hill H19:45L 1-3 Christian Grundy (52)
Sat 30/12/17Holker Old BoysH15:00Postp
Sat 06/01/18Carlisle City A15:00W 1-0 David Moore (22)
Sat 13/01/18Stockport Town H15:00W 2-0 Gary Grier (4)
Ashley Woodhead (56)
Sat 20/01/18New MillsH15:00Postp
Sat 27/01/18Sandbach United A15:00L 2-4 Theodore Kidd (84)
Callum Scott (90)
Tue 30/01/18Bacup Borough H19:45L 1-3 Theodore Kidd (33p)
Sat 03/02/18Prestwich HeysH15:00Postp
Sat 10/02/18Holker Old BoysH15:00Postp
Sat 17/02/18Bacup Borough A15:00W 2-1 Own Goal (44)
Ben Giverin (47)
Mon 19/02/18Daisy HillA19:45Postp
  (The LWC Drinks First Division Cup QF)
Fri 23/02/18Daisy Hill A19:45W 1-0 Ben Giverin (79)
  (The LWC Drinks First Division Cup QF)
Tue 27/02/18Silsden AFCH19:45Postp
Sat 03/03/18FC Oswestry TownA15:00Postp
Tue 06/03/18Prestwich HeysH19:45Postp
Thu 08/03/18Prestwich HeysH19:45Postp
Sat 10/03/18Whitchurch AlportH15:00Postp
Tue 13/03/18New Mills H19:45L 2-5 Martyn Parkinson (48)
David Moore (53)
Sat 17/03/18Abbey Hulton United A15:00D 1-1 David Moore (73)
Wed 21/03/18Eccleshall A19:45D 1-1 Nathan Randall (32)
Sat 24/03/18AFC Blackpool H15:00W 4-3 Theodore Kidd (53)
Theodore Kidd (80)
Bradley Aspinall (90)
Nathan Randall (90)
Mon 26/03/18Prestwich Heys H19:45L 1-3 Ben Giverin (90)
Sat 31/03/18Litherland REMYCA H15:00L 0-3
Mon 02/04/18NelsonA15:00Postp
Sat 07/04/18St Helens Town A15:00L 0-3
Mon 09/04/18Daisy Hill A19:45L 0-1
Wed 11/04/18Whitchurch Alport H19:45L 0-3
Sat 14/04/18Alsager Town H15:00L 1-2 Theodore Kidd (73p)
Tue 17/04/18Silsden AFC H19:45D 0-0
Sat 21/04/18Cheadle Town A15:00L 1-2 Theodore Kidd (80)
Tue 24/04/18Holker Old BoysH19:45 
Fri 27/04/18Prestwich HeysA19:45 
Tue 01/05/18FC Oswestry TownA19:45 
Sat 05/05/18EccleshallH15:00 
Mon 07/05/18NelsonA15:00 

Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition KO/Score
12/08/17Cheadle Town (H) L 1-2
16/08/17Holker OB (A) D 0-0
19/08/17Nelson (H) Postp
26/08/17Cammell Laird (H) W 2-1
29/08/17St Helens Town (H) W 2-0
02/09/17Alsager Town (A) L 0-1
05/09/17Silsden AFC (A) L 0-2
09/09/17Irlam (H) Postp
(The Buildbase FA Vase 1Q)
12/09/17Irlam (H) L 1-2
(The Buildbase FA Vase 1Q)
16/09/17Chadderton (H) L 2-3
23/09/17New Mills (A) W 4-1
30/09/17Cammell Laird (A) L 1-3
07/10/17Sandbach (H) L 1-4
10/10/17Carlisle City (H) Postp
(The LWC Drinks First Division Cup 1 N)
12/10/17Carlisle City (H) Postp
(The LWC Drinks First Division Cup 1 N)
14/10/17Whitchurch Alp (A) L 0-2
17/10/17Carlisle City (H) L 0-4
(The Macron Cup 1 N)
19/10/17Carlisle City (A) W 2-1
(The LWC Drinks First Division Cup 1 N)
21/10/17AFC Blackpool (A) W 6-1
28/10/17Chadderton (A) W 3-1
30/10/17Nelson (A) W 1-0
(The LWC Drinks First Division Cup 2 N)
04/11/17Abbey Hulton (H) W 2-1
07/11/17Radcliffe Boro (A) L 0-2
(Lancashire Challenge Trophy 2)
11/11/17Lith REMYCA (A) D 3-3
14/11/17Nelson (H) W 3-2
18/11/17FC Oswestry (H) L 0-1
25/11/17Abbey Hulton (A) Postp
28/11/17Bacup Borough (H) Postp
02/12/17Carlisle City (H) L 1-4
09/12/17Eccleshall (A) Postp
16/12/17Silsden AFC (H) Postp
23/12/17Stockport Town (A) L 1-2
27/12/17Daisy Hill (H) L 1-3
30/12/17Holker OB (H) Postp
06/01/18Carlisle City (A) W 1-0
13/01/18Stockport Town (H) W 2-0
20/01/18New Mills (H) Postp
27/01/18Sandbach (A) L 2-4
30/01/18Bacup Borough (H) L 1-3
03/02/18Prestwich Heys (H) Postp
10/02/18Holker OB (H) Postp
17/02/18Bacup Borough (A) W 2-1
19/02/18Daisy Hill (A) Postp
(The LWC Drinks First Division Cup QF)
23/02/18Daisy Hill (A) W 1-0
(The LWC Drinks First Division Cup QF)
27/02/18Silsden AFC (H) Postp
03/03/18FC Oswestry (A) Postp
06/03/18Prestwich Heys (H) Postp
08/03/18Prestwich Heys (H) Postp
10/03/18Whitchurch Alp (H) Postp
13/03/18New Mills (H) L 2-5
17/03/18Abbey Hulton (A) D 1-1
21/03/18Eccleshall (A) D 1-1
24/03/18AFC Blackpool (H) W 4-3
26/03/18Prestwich Heys (H) L 1-3
31/03/18Lith REMYCA (H) L 0-3
02/04/18Nelson (A) Postp
07/04/18St Helens Town (A) L 0-3
09/04/18Daisy Hill (A) L 0-1
11/04/18Whitchurch Alp (H) L 0-3
14/04/18Alsager Town (H) L 1-2
17/04/18Silsden AFC (H) D 0-0
21/04/18Cheadle Town (A) L 1-2
24/04/18Holker OB (H) 19:45
27/04/18Prestwich Heys (A) 19:45
01/05/18FC Oswestry (A) 19:45
05/05/18Eccleshall (H) 15:00
07/05/18Nelson (A) 15:00

Squad Details

Player Name Appearances Goals Cards Mom
  Start Sub Start Sub Red Yellow  
Habtamu Abate Ayele8500120
Liam Ackland0000000
Heath Ainscow4300011
Mayowa Ajayi0100000
Rodney Ajayi7220013
Jordan Arklie - Young9731030
Daniel Ashburner7100100
Bradley Aspinall13110022
Boic Bafana0000000
Niall Battersby0000000
Luke Bennett0000000
Sulay Breaux1000000
Daniel Brown1000000
Garry Brown0000000
Dominic Butler21610041
Paul Carroll10100000
Paul Casey *1200000
Keith Clarkson13100040
Cameron Cleary Lee0000000
Lewis Coleman3200000
Joe Crossley (GK)0100000
David Davies6100020
Daniel Douglas-Pringle0101000
Jordan Erdman *0000000
Joel Fletcher1000000
Patrick Furey1400000
Mark German *0000000
Aaron Gibbs (GK)1000000
Ben Giverin12020111
Gary Grier *20350002
Dane Grimes *0000000
Christian Grundy28230132
Alex Guest *8101010
Kieran Halliwell6100130
Gregory Hartley (GK)11000004
Reece Headlam11200020
Luke Hodson0000000
Harry Holland0000000
Henry Kamara *0000000
Theodore Kidd255131224
Scott Lawrence *4000010
George McInery18300022
Bradley McKendrey *1100000
Ryan Mellor6130020
David Moore34380135
Obua Mugalula1100000
Malik Mulgrave *0000000
Beck Murray *0000000
Louis Murray (GK)8000010
Jordan Neild0100000
Liam OBrien2000010
Martyn Parkinson6010010
Cameron Peeling0000000
Zach Peeling0000000
Gareth Peet0000000
Jason Perry5000010
Charlie Pimblett0000000
Ben Purdham (GK)21000003
Nathan Randell10020020
Liam Rice2000010
Mitchell Robertson *12610051
Matthew Rowan12500020
Callum Scott11601020
Thomas Scott0100000
Dominic Shepherd4100000
Peter Stanford Potts0000000
Kaiden Stanistreet0000000
Aaron Stott12110010
Nathan Strong5701100
George Sunter4100001
Jack Taylor12100121
Luke Taylor0000000
Oliver Tharratt0000000
Kyle Tomlinson11000020
Edmund Walker2710001
Aaron Walmsley4000001
Lewis Welsh26200012
Bailey Whalley *1200000
Ashley Woodhead9030100
Peter Yongman0000000

* Indicates player is no longer a member of the squad

Staff Members

David Barton 
Nathan Battersby 
John Brannigan 
David Finch 
Russell Hodkinson 
Warren Jones 
Shaun Lynch 
James McMullen 
Keith OBrien 
David Potter 
Jason Tyldesley 

Matchday Information

Ground: Crilly Park

Address: Spa Road, Atherton, Greater Manchester

Postcode: M46 9XG

Telephone: 01942 575173

Midweek Night: Tuesday

2017/18 Admission Prices: £5 Adults, £3 Concessions

Programme Price: £2.50

Directions: M61 to Junction 5, follow signs for Westhoughton, turn left onto A6, turn right at first lights into Newbrook Road, then turn right into Upton Road, passing Atherton Central Station. Turn left into Sp

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Nearest Railway: Atherton (Manchester)

Nearest Bus Route to Ground: Atherton is served by the 582 bus running between Bolton and Leigh. Alight at the bus stop nearest Atherton Train Station, walk along Upton Road over the railway bridge and turn left onto Springfield Road, then left onto Hillside Avenue. Continue walking along Hillside Avenue for about 300m until you arrive at the football ground.

Parking Facilities: There is plenty of parking inside and immediately outside the ground. On busy match days please park courteously in the residential area. Please do not park in the bus stop outside the ground.

Ground Facilities: There is a licensed bar and snack bar serving hot food and drinks open on match days. There is plenty of covered seating in the main stand and there is covered standing on two sides of the ground. Toilets are accessed via the bar

Additional Visitor Information:

Club Information

Legal Entity: Atherton LR AFC Limited C/N 02409206

Ground: Crilly Park

Address: Spa Road, Atherton, Greater Manchester

Postcode: M46 9XG

Telephone: 01942 575173


Twitter: @AthertonLRFC

Registered Colours: Yellow Shirts, Blue Shorts, Yellow Stockings

Registered Goalkeeper Colours: Purple Shirts, Black Shorts, Black Stockings

Alternative Colours: Orange Shirts, Black Shorts, Black Stockings

Alternative Goalkeeper Colours: Green Shirt, Black Shorts, Black Stockings

Secretary: Andy Harrison

Chairman: Jane Wilcock

Manager: Warren Jones

Programme Editor: Ben Reuven

Committee / Directors: To Follow

County Affiliation: Lancashire FA

Year Formed: 1956

Record Attendance: 1,740 v Aldershot (F.A. Vase) 05.03.1994

Previous Leagues:

Bolton Combination
Cheshire County League


NWCFL Champions 1992/93, 1993/94
NWCFL Championship Trophy Winners 1992/93, 1993/94
FA Vase Semi-Finalists 1993/94
Northern Premier League Division One Cup Finalists 1995/96
Goldline Trophy Winners 1998/99, 2003/04, 2004/05, 2008/09
Bolton Hospital Cup Winners 1984/85, 2001/02, 2003/04, 2010/11
Westhoughton Charity Cup Winners 1981/82
Bolton Combination Division 2A Champions 1965/66
Bolton Combination Division 2 Cup Winners 1964/65, 1965/66

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