Ashton Town
John Brownrigg
The Ashton Town Stadium

Current Position: 22nd

P W D L F A Pts
42 5 2 35 42 132 17

Current Form: 20th

6 1 0 5 6 14

Last Six Matches:

Date Opponent Score
29/04/17Carlisle City (H)W 3-2
25/04/17Silsden (H)L 2-3
22/04/17Chadderton (H)L 1-4
20/04/17St Helens Town (N)L 0-2
16/04/17Stockport Town (H)L 0-2
13/04/17Sandbach United (H)L 0-1

Next Six Matches:

Date Opponent K.O.
No Matches Found

Latest News:

Managerial vacancy at Ashton Town
Ashton Town are looking to recruit a manager/coach for their first team.
Macron Player of the Month Presentation - Marvin Molyneux
Ashton Town's Marvin Molyneux won the Macron Division One Player of the Month award for March.
Ashton Town host Deaf Football Team fundraiser
This coming Sunday March 12th, Ashton Town will be hosting a challenge football match to raise funds for the Great Britain Deaf Olympic Team.
Forthcoming Events At Ashton Town
Ashton Town have announced they will be restarting "Dementia friendly" events at the club this week.

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Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition H/A K.O Score Goalscorers
Sat 06/08/16FC Oswestry Town H15:00L 1-3 John Holmes (50)
Tue 09/08/16Alsager Town H19:45L 0-4
Sat 13/08/16Silsden A15:00L 0-6
Tue 16/08/16City of Liverpool FC H19:45L 0-1
Sat 20/08/16AFC Blackpool H15:00W 3-0 Dylan Hodkinson (73)
Jordan Holmes (81)
Dylan Hodkinson (83)
Tue 23/08/16Atherton LR A19:45L 1-2 Adam Wilkinson (26)
Sat 27/08/16Bacup Borough A15:00L 0-4
Tue 30/08/16Cheadle Town H19:45L 1-3 Andrew Silsby (74)
Sat 03/09/16Sandbach UnitedH15:00Postp
Tue 06/09/16Chadderton A19:45L 1-5 John Humphreys (43)
Sat 10/09/16Parkgate H15:00W 4-2 Jack O`Leary (15)
Jordan Holmes (69p)
Charlie Munro (79)
Jordan Holmes (85p)
  (The Buildbase FA Vase 1Q)
Tue 13/09/16Stockport TownH19:45Postp
Sat 17/09/16Sandbach United A15:00L 1-5 Ethan Smith (90)
Sat 24/09/16Barnton H15:00W 3-2 Neil Weaver (61)
Neil Weaver (70)
Adam Wilkinson (83)
  (The Buildbase FA Vase 2Q)
Sat 01/10/16Charnock Richard H15:00L 1-5 Adam Wilkinson (68)
Sat 08/10/16Holker Old Boys A15:00L 1-4 Conor Harland (40)
  (The Reusch First Division Cup 1)
Tue 11/10/16Atherton LR H19:45L 2-3 Adam Campbell (79)
Neil Weaver (88)
Sat 15/10/16Litherland REMYCA H15:00L 0-4
Tue 18/10/16Alsager Town A19:45L 1-3 Charlie Munro (50)
Sat 22/10/16Billingham Town H15:00L 0-4
  (The Buildbase FA Vase 1)
Sat 29/10/16Abbey Hey H15:00L 1-3 Robert Ablewhite (63p)
  (The Macron Cup 2)
Sat 05/11/16FC Oswestry Town A16:30L 1-3 Jack Irlam (35)
Tue 08/11/16City of Liverpool FC A19:45D 0-0
Sat 12/11/16Cheadle Town A15:00L 0-3
Tue 15/11/16Prescot Cables H19:45L 0-9
  (Liverpool Senior Cup 1)
Sat 19/11/16SilsdenH15:00Postp
Sat 26/11/16Eccleshall A15:00L 4-5 Garry Purcell (34)
Scott Baker (45)
Garry Purcell (49)
Joshua Ackers (84)
Sat 03/12/16St Helens Town H15:00L 0-2
Sat 10/12/16Charnock Richard A15:00L 0-3
Sat 17/12/16Prestwich HeysH15:00Aband
Mon 26/12/16Daisy HillH15:00Postp
Thu 29/12/16Carlisle City A20:00L 2-4 Scott Baker (30)
Garry Purcell (62)
Sat 07/01/17Eccleshall H15:00D 3-3 Jordan Holmes (41)
Matthew Smith (82)
Gregory Power (88)
Sat 14/01/17Whitchurch Alport A15:00L 0-4
Sat 21/01/17Holker Old Boys A15:00L 2-4 Rob Ablewhite (16)
Jordan Holmes (82p)
Sat 04/02/17Litherland REMYCA A15:00L 1-5 Rob Ablewhite (52)
Tue 07/02/17Daisy HillH19:45Postp
Sat 11/02/17Stockport Town A15:00L 0-7
Sat 18/02/17AFC Blackpool A15:00W 5-0 Matthew Robinson (41)
Robert Ablewhite (45)
Robert Ablewhite (64p)
Jordan Tyrer (86)
Charlie Munro (90)
Sat 25/02/17St Helens TownN15:00Postp
Tue 28/02/17ChaddertonH19:45Postp
Sat 04/03/17Daisy Hill A15:00L 0-2
Tue 07/03/17Widnes H19:45L 0-6
Sat 11/03/17Prestwich Heys H15:00L 0-2
Sat 18/03/17Whitchurch AlportH15:00Postp
Tue 21/03/17Daisy HillH19:45Postp
Sat 25/03/17Prestwich Heys A15:00L 1-2 Marvin Molyneux (67)
Tue 28/03/17Holker Old Boys H19:45W 2-0 Marvin Molyneux (85p)
Paul Cliff (90)
Sat 01/04/17Sandbach UnitedH15:00Postp
Mon 03/04/17Widnes A19:45L 0-3
Thu 06/04/17Daisy Hill H19:45W 2-1 Matthew Robinson (31)
Paul Cliff (66)
Sat 08/04/17Bacup Borough H15:00L 1-2 Marvin Molyneux (27p)
Tue 11/04/17Whitchurch Alport H19:45L 0-9
Thu 13/04/17Sandbach United H19:45L 0-1
Sun 16/04/17Stockport Town H14:30L 0-2
Thu 20/04/17St Helens Town N19:45L 0-2
Sat 22/04/17Chadderton H15:00L 1-4 Jack Irlam (90)
Tue 25/04/17Silsden H19:45L 2-3 Jordan Tyrer (2)
Own Goal (25)
Sat 29/04/17Carlisle City H15:00W 3-2 Ross Lowey (20)
Marvin Molyneux (53)
Marvin Molyneux (90p)

Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition KO/Score
06/08/16FC Oswestry (H) L 1-3
09/08/16Alsager Town (H) L 0-4
13/08/16Silsden (A) L 0-6
16/08/16City of Lpool (H) L 0-1
20/08/16AFC Blackpool (H) W 3-0
23/08/16Atherton LR (A) L 1-2
27/08/16Bacup Borough (A) L 0-4
30/08/16Cheadle Town (H) L 1-3
03/09/16Sandbach (H) Postp
06/09/16Chadderton (A) L 1-5
10/09/16Parkgate (H) W 4-2
(The Buildbase FA Vase 1Q)
13/09/16Stockport Town (H) Postp
17/09/16Sandbach (A) L 1-5
24/09/16Barnton (H) W 3-2
(The Buildbase FA Vase 2Q)
01/10/16Charnock Rich (H) L 1-5
08/10/16Holker OB (A) L 1-4
(The Reusch First Division Cup 1)
11/10/16Atherton LR (H) L 2-3
15/10/16Lith REMYCA (H) L 0-4
18/10/16Alsager Town (A) L 1-3
22/10/16Billingham Town (H) L 0-4
(The Buildbase FA Vase 1)
29/10/16Abbey Hey (H) L 1-3
(The Macron Cup 2)
05/11/16FC Oswestry (A) L 1-3
08/11/16City of Lpool (A) D 0-0
12/11/16Cheadle Town (A) L 0-3
15/11/16Prescot Cables (H) L 0-9
(Liverpool Senior Cup 1)
19/11/16Silsden (H) Postp
26/11/16Eccleshall (A) L 4-5
03/12/16St Helens Town (H) L 0-2
10/12/16Charnock Rich (A) L 0-3
17/12/16Prestwich Heys (H) Aband
26/12/16Daisy Hill (H) Postp
29/12/16Carlisle City (A) L 2-4
07/01/17Eccleshall (H) D 3-3
14/01/17Whitchurch Alp (A) L 0-4
21/01/17Holker OB (A) L 2-4
04/02/17Lith REMYCA (A) L 1-5
07/02/17Daisy Hill (H) Postp
11/02/17Stockport Town (A) L 0-7
18/02/17AFC Blackpool (A) W 5-0
25/02/17St Helens Town (A) Postp
28/02/17Chadderton (H) Postp
04/03/17Daisy Hill (A) L 0-2
07/03/17Widnes (H) L 0-6
11/03/17Prestwich Heys (H) L 0-2
18/03/17Whitchurch Alp (H) Postp
21/03/17Daisy Hill (H) Postp
25/03/17Prestwich Heys (A) L 1-2
28/03/17Holker OB (H) W 2-0
01/04/17Sandbach (H) Postp
03/04/17Widnes (A) L 0-3
06/04/17Daisy Hill (H) W 2-1
08/04/17Bacup Borough (H) L 1-2
11/04/17Whitchurch Alp (H) L 0-9
13/04/17Sandbach (H) L 0-1
16/04/17Stockport Town (H) L 0-2
20/04/17St Helens Town (A) L 0-2
22/04/17Chadderton (H) L 1-4
25/04/17Silsden (H) L 2-3
29/04/17Carlisle City (H) W 3-2

Squad Details

Player Name Appearances Goals Cards Mom
  Start Sub Start Sub Red Yellow  
Robert Ablewhite *13150023
Joshua Ackers3010000
Scott Baker24120062
Jacob Ball15400020
Phillip Berrill1000000
John Brownrigg0200000
Kevin Brownrigg1000010
Michael Brownrigg1000000
Ryan Buitendyk2000000
Adam Campbell6010000
Patrick Carney2300000
Cameron Chambers1000000
Christopher Clark12200031
Jamie Clark *2000000
Joe Clements (GK)26000011
Paul Cliff10311040
Stephen Collier3200000
Cameron Collins4200001
Charlie Cooney2100000
Michael Cummings0100000
Ben Cunningham1200000
Karl Dailey1000100
Joseph Daulby11200030
Andrew Dawber14000010
George Dougherty (GK)5000000
Callum Fisher3000000
Alexander Foy1000000
Philip Green1000010
Anthony Gregory1000000
Kieran Halliday (GK)0000000
Ben Hamlet2200000
Connor Harland91110011
Jack Hinnigan0000000
Mathew Hodge (GK)16000010
Dylan Hodkinson7420040
Jason Hodkinson1100000
John Holmes17010001
Jordan Holmes11432010
John Hughes5200011
Thomas Hull (GK)0000000
John Humphreys2010000
Donovan Hushon23000140
Jack Irlam12020001
Mark Jeffers1000000
Thomas Johnson0100000
Michael Joyce0000000
Thomas Jump9000000
Andrew Kavanagh5300000
Sean Kelly0000000
Michael Kielty3000000
Benjamin Langley1100000
Jon Leggott (GK)1000000
Jack Lister1000000
Ross Lowey27310050
Philip Mahon (GK)0000000
Jackson McMenamie0000000
Andrew McNally7100030
David Mills1000010
Stephen Milne *1000000
Anthony Molloy0000000
Marvin Molyneux200500312
Jayson Moro1000000
Charlie Munro370300159
Lewis Murphy4100100
Joseph Nicholson0000000
Joshua Nicholson0000000
Joshua Obadan0600000
Alexander OBrien0100000
Gavin OKeefe2000010
Jack OLeary20210011
Dominic Perkins *0100000
Gregory Power151101000
Anthony Price1000000
Garry Purcell6130000
James Purcell0100000
Samuel Rimmer0300000
Matthew Robimson10020000
James Robinson0000000
Andrew Silsby1010000
Ethan Smith0201000
Matthew Smith32510041
Peter Smith4600000
Jordan Tyrer11120010
Neil Weaver2130000
Sam Wilkie *2000000
Adam Wilkinson17230015
Josh Wilkinson8200001
Callum Williams2400021
Joseph Winstanley3200000
Michael Wynne1000000

* Indicates player is no longer a member of the squad

Staff Members

Edward Bannon$ 
William Bristow$ 
John Brownrigg$ 
Brian Smith$ 

Squad Details

Player Name Appearances Goals Reds Yellows Mom
Joshua Ackers31000
Scott Baker252062
Jacob Ball190020
Phillip Berrill10000
John Brownrigg20000
Kevin Brownrigg10010
Michael Brownrigg10000
Ryan Buitendyk20000
Adam Campbell61000
Patrick Carney50000
Cameron Chambers10000
Christopher Clark140031
Joe Clements260011
Paul Cliff132040
Stephen Collier50000
Cameron Collins60001
Charlie Cooney30000
Michael Cummings10000
Ben Cunningham30000
Karl Dailey10100
Joseph Daulby130030
Andrew Dawber140010
George Dougherty50000
Callum Fisher30000
Alexander Foy10000
Philip Green10010
Anthony Gregory10000
Kieran Halliday00000
Ben Hamlet40000
Connor Harland201011
Jack Hinnigan00000
Mathew Hodge160010
Dylan Hodkinson112040
Jason Hodkinson20000
John Holmes171001
Jordan Holmes155010
John Hughes70011
Thomas Hull00000
John Humphreys21000
Donovan Hushon230140
Jack Irlam122001
Mark Jeffers10000
Thomas Johnson10000
Michael Joyce00000
Thomas Jump90000
Andrew Kavanagh80000
Sean Kelly00000
Michael Kielty30000
Benjamin Langley20000
Jon Leggott10000
Jack Lister10000
Ross Lowey301050
Philip Mahon00000
Jackson McMenamie00000
Andrew McNally80030
David Mills10010
Anthony Molloy00000
Marvin Molyneux2050312
Jayson Moro10000
Charlie Munro3730159
Lewis Murphy50100
Joseph Nicholson00000
Joshua Nicholson00000
Joshua Obadan60000
Alexander OBrien10000
Gavin OKeefe20010
Jack OLeary221011
Gregory Power261000
Anthony Price10000
Garry Purcell73000
James Purcell10000
Samuel Rimmer30000
Matthew Robimson102000
James Robinson00000
Andrew Silsby11000
Ethan Smith21000
Matthew Smith371041
Peter Smith100000
Jordan Tyrer122010
Neil Weaver33000
Adam Wilkinson193015
Josh Wilkinson100001
Callum Williams60021
Joseph Winstanley50000
Michael Wynne10000

Matchday Information

Ground: The Ashton Town Stadium

Address: Edge Green Street, Ashton-in-Makerfield, Wigan,

Postcode: WN4 8SL

Telephone: 01942 724448

Midweek Night: Tuesday

2015/16 Admission Prices:

Directions: M6 to Junction 23, A49 to Ashton-in-Makerfield. Turn right at the traffic lights onto the A58 towards Bolton. After approx. three quarters of a mile, turn right into Golbourne Road. After 200 yards turn right into Edge Green Street. Ground at bottom of street.

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Club Information

Legal Entity: Unincorporated

Ground: The Ashton Town Stadium

Address: Edge Green Street, Ashton-in-Makerfield, Wigan,

Postcode: WN4 8SL

Telephone: 01942 724448


Twitter: @ashtontownafc

Registered Colours: Red & white checked shirts, red shorts & stockings

Registered Goalkeeper Colours: Green Shirt, Green Shorts, Green Stockings

Alternative Colours: Orange shirts, white shorts, orange Stockings

Alternative Goalkeeper Colours: Grey shirt & shorts, black Stockings

Secretary: Stefan Ochwat

Chairman: Mark Hayes

Manager: John Brownrigg

Programme Editor: Ian Pomfrett

Committee / Directors: Mark Hayes, Stefan Ochwat, James Cahill, Stephen Barrett, Clare Peters, Frank Meadows, Mark Bowden-Davies, Ian Pomfrett, Peter Williams

County Affiliation: Liverpool F.A.

Year Formed: 1962

Record Attendance: 1,865 v. F.C. United of Manchester, 2007

Previous Leagues:

St Helens Combination
Warrington & District League
Lancashire Combination
Cheshire County League
Manchester League


St Helens Combination League: Division Two: Champions 1957-58
Runners-Up 1956-57
Tom Worrell Cup: Winners 1956-57
Runners-Up 1957-58
Hospital Cup: Winners 1956-57, 1957-58
Liverpool FA Shield: Winners 1956-57
Rainford Pottery Cup: Winners 1956-57
Runners-Up 1957-58
Martin Cup: Winners 1957-58
Guardian Cup: Runners-Up 1957-58
Wigan Cup Winners 1960-61
Warrington and District League: Division One: Champions 1959-60, 60-61, 62-63, 63-64, 64-65, 69-70
Depot Cup: Winners 1960-61, 61-62, 63-64, 65-66
Guardian Cup: Winners 1963-64, 70-71
Dodds Shield: Winners 1963-64
Jubilee Cup: Winners 1970-71
Elizabeth Pilling Memorial Shield: Winners 1967-68
Lancashire Combination: Lancashire Football Association Challenge Trophy: Runners-Up 1970-71
Lancashire Combination League Cup: Runners-Up 1971-72
North West Counties Football League: Reserve Division: Runners-Up 1998-99
Division Two Trophy: Runners-Up 2002-03
Atherton Charities Cup: Winners 2012-13, Runners up 2011-12