Danny Forest
The Cobbydale Construction Stadium

Current Position: 11th

P W D L F A Pts
42 20 2 20 83 77 62

Current Form: 12th

6 3 0 3 8 9

Last Six Matches:

Date Opponent Score
29/04/17Cheadle Town (H)L 0-3
25/04/17Ashton Town (A)W 3-2
22/04/17Alsager Town (A)L 1-2
17/04/17Atherton LR (H)W 2-0
15/04/17Holker Old Boys (A)W 2-1
11/04/17Widnes (A)L 0-1

Next Six Matches:

Date Opponent K.O.
No Matches Found

Latest News:

Macron Player of the Month Presentation - Dan Illingworth
Dan Illingworth of Silsden won the Macron Player of the Month award for Division One in February.
Silsden support Sierra Leone charity trip
Silsden have donated kit and equipment to a team of volunteers heading to Sierra Leone.
Managerial change at Silsden
Silsden have announced that manager James Gill has left the club.
Silsden Remember the 96
Silsden joined forces with AFC Liverpool at the weekend to pay tribute to the 96 fans who lost their lives in the Hillsborough tragedy.

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Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition H/A K.O Score Goalscorers
Sat 06/08/16Bridlington Town A15:00D 1-1 Luke Richardson (73)
  (The Emirates F.A Cup EP)
Tue 09/08/16Bridlington Town H19:45L 1-3 Daniel Forrest (63)
  (The Emirates F.A Cup EP R)
Sat 13/08/16Ashton Town H15:00W 6-0 Christopher Wademan (6)
Josh Kaine (28)
William Storrie (44)
Joshua McNulty (63)
Leon Smith (75)
Luke Richardson (89)
Tue 16/08/16Charnock Richard H19:45L 0-1
Sat 20/08/16Prestwich Heys A15:00L 0-2
Wed 24/08/16Bacup Borough A20:00L 1-2 Danny Forest (80p)
Sat 27/08/16Holker Old Boys H15:00W 3-2 James Longley (2)
Chris Wademan (9)
William Storrie (55)
Tue 30/08/16Daisy Hill H19:45W 7-2 Nicholas McNally (8)
Leon Smith (11)
Leon Smith (32)
Nicholas McNally (44)
Kyle Hancock (53)
Luke Richardson (55)
Nicholas McNally (82)
Sat 03/09/16FC Oswestry Town A15:00D 6-6 Daniel Forrest (11)
Kyle Hancock (60)
Own Goal (61)
Leon Smith (68)
Kyle Hancock (72)
Own Goal (89)
Tue 06/09/16Carlisle City H19:45W 2-1 Christopher Wademan (43)
Christopher Wademan (82)
Sat 10/09/16Knaresborough Town A15:00W 2-1 Ross Wilson (27)
James Gill (34)
  (The Buildbase FA Vase 1Q)
Sat 17/09/16AFC Blackpool H15:00W 5-2 Nicholas Mcnally (21)
William Storrie (28)
Christopher Wademan (57)
Ross Wilson (72)
Ross Wilson (89)
Sat 24/09/16Hall Road Rangers H15:00L 3-4 Tomas Coulson (47)
Christopher Wademan (83)
Daniel Forrest (110)
  (The Buildbase FA Vase 2Q)
  (AET, 2-2 after 90 mins)
Tue 27/09/16Chadderton A19:45W 2-1 Leon Smith (27)
Christopher Wademan (75)
Sat 01/10/16City of Liverpool FC H15:00L 0-2
Sat 08/10/16Sandbach United A15:00L 0-2
Sat 15/10/16FC Oswestry Town H15:00L 0-3
Tue 18/10/16Carlisle City A19:45L 1-2 Ross Wilson (31)
Sat 22/10/16Whitchurch Alport H15:00L 0-3
Sat 29/10/16New Mills A15:00W 8-2 Leon Smith (6)
Lewis Morgan (21)
Lewis Morgan (26)
Lewis Morgan (54)
Joshua Eastwood (65)
Leon Smith (72)
Joshua Eastwood (74)
Josh Kaine (90)
  (The Macron Cup 2)
Sat 05/11/16Holker Old Boys A15:00L 1-3 Daniel Riley (90)
  (The Reusch First Division Cup 2 N)
Tue 08/11/16Armthorpe Welfare H19:45W 6-1 Nicholas McNally (20)
Ross Wilson (41)
Nicholas McNally (44)
Nicholas McNally (49)
Daniel Riley (52)
Leon Smith (76)
  (West Riding County Cup 2)
Sat 12/11/16St Helens Town H15:00L 1-4 Daniel Riley (33)
Mon 14/11/16Daisy Hill A19:45L 4-5 Danny Riley (32)
Ross Wilson (50)
Leon Smith (77)
Danny Riley (86)
Sat 19/11/16Ashton TownA15:00Postp
Tue 22/11/16Charnock RichardA19:45Postp
Sat 26/11/161874 Northwich H15:00W 1-0 Nicholas McNally (105)
  (The Macron Cup 3)
  (AET, 0-0 after 90 mins)
Wed 30/11/16FC Halifax Town H19:45W 3-1 William Storrie (50)
Kyle Hancock (60)
Own Goal (63)
  (West Riding County Cup 3)
Sat 03/12/16AFC Blackpool A15:00W 6-0 Nicholas McNally (10)
Kyle Hancock (35)
Samuel Jacomb (48)
Nicholas McNally (54)
Mark Truemam (74)
Mark Truemam (89)
Sat 10/12/16Sandbach United H15:00L 1-2 Own Goal (89)
Sat 17/12/16WidnesA15:00Aband
Mon 26/12/16Bacup Borough H15:00W 2-1 Thomas Henderson (53)
William Storrie (60)
Sat 31/12/16Atherton LR A14:00W 1-0 Joshua Eastwood (40)
Sat 07/01/17Prestwich Heys H15:00W 3-2 Christopher Wademan (16)
Christopher Wademan (32)
Joshua Eastwood (34)
Tue 10/01/17Tadcaster Albion A19:45L 1-4 Mark Trueman (6)
  (West Riding County Cup QF)
Sat 14/01/17Cheadle Town A15:00L 2-5 Christopher Wademan (5)
Niall Sultan (90)
Sat 21/01/17Widnes H15:00L 1-4 Kyle Hancock (53)
Sat 28/01/17Stockport Town A15:00L 1-2 Daniel Illingworth (75)
Sat 04/02/17Alsager Town H15:00W 2-1 Nicholas McNally (37)
Nicholas McNally (84)
Sat 11/02/17St Helens Town N15:00W 6-2 William Storrie (12)
William Storrie (20)
Christopher Wademan (22)
Kyle Hancock (58)
Aaron Davis (85)
Benjamin Cox (90)
Sat 18/02/17City of Liverpool FC A15:00L 1-2 Daniel Bunch (35)
Fri 24/02/17Chadderton H19:45W 1-0 Josh Eastwood (37)
Sat 04/03/17EccleshallA15:00Postp
Sat 11/03/17City of Liverpool FC H14:00L 0-2
  (The Macron Cup QF)
Sat 18/03/17Litherland REMYCA H15:00L 0-1
Tue 21/03/17Charnock Richard A19:45D 0-0
Sat 25/03/17Whitchurch Alport A15:00W 1-0 Nicholas McNally (45)
Tue 28/03/17Stockport Town H19:45L 1-2 Nicholas Mcnally (34)
Sat 01/04/17Litherland REMYCA A15:00W 2-1 Daniel Forest (76)
Thomas Henderson (83)
Wed 05/04/17Eccleshall A20:00W 4-2 Josh Kaine (31)
Daniel Vincent (48)
Nicholas McNally (89)
Nicholas McNally (90)
Sat 08/04/17Eccleshall H15:00W 2-1 Mark Everingham (65)
Joshua Eastwood (88)
Tue 11/04/17Widnes A19:45L 0-1
Sat 15/04/17Holker Old Boys A15:00W 2-1 Mark Everingham (16)
Mark Trueman (90)
Mon 17/04/17Atherton LR H15:00W 2-0 Thomas Henderson (10)
Mark Everingham (25)
Sat 22/04/17Alsager Town A15:00L 1-2 Nicholas McNally (90)
Tue 25/04/17Ashton Town A19:45W 3-2 Nicholas McNally (4)
Thomas Henderson (32)
Mark Trueman (48)
Sat 29/04/17Cheadle Town H15:00L 0-3

Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition KO/Score
06/08/16Bridlington (A) D 1-1
(The Emirates F.A Cup EP)
09/08/16Bridlington (H) L 1-3
(The Emirates F.A Cup EP R)
13/08/16Ashton Town (H) W 6-0
16/08/16Charnock Rich (H) L 0-1
20/08/16Prestwich Heys (A) L 0-2
24/08/16Bacup Borough (A) L 1-2
27/08/16Holker OB (H) W 3-2
30/08/16Daisy Hill (H) W 7-2
03/09/16FC Oswestry (A) D 6-6
06/09/16Carlisle City (H) W 2-1
10/09/16Knaresborough (A) W 2-1
(The Buildbase FA Vase 1Q)
17/09/16AFC Blackpool (H) W 5-2
24/09/16Hall Road Rgrs (H) L 3-4
(The Buildbase FA Vase 2Q)
(AET, 2-2 after 90 mins)
27/09/16Chadderton (A) W 2-1
01/10/16City of Lpool (H) L 0-2
08/10/16Sandbach (A) L 0-2
15/10/16FC Oswestry (H) L 0-3
18/10/16Carlisle City (A) L 1-2
22/10/16Whitchurch Alp (H) L 0-3
29/10/16New Mills (A) W 8-2
(The Macron Cup 2)
05/11/16Holker OB (A) L 1-3
(The Reusch First Division Cup 2 N)
08/11/16Armthorpe Welf (H) W 6-1
(West Riding County Cup 2)
12/11/16St Helens Town (H) L 1-4
14/11/16Daisy Hill (A) L 4-5
19/11/16Ashton Town (A) Postp
22/11/16Charnock Rich (A) Postp
26/11/161874 Northwich (H) W 1-0
(The Macron Cup 3)
(AET, 0-0 after 90 mins)
30/11/16Halifax Tn (H) W 3-1
(West Riding County Cup 3)
03/12/16AFC Blackpool (A) W 6-0
10/12/16Sandbach (H) L 1-2
17/12/16Widnes (A) Aband
26/12/16Bacup Borough (H) W 2-1
31/12/16Atherton LR (A) W 1-0
07/01/17Prestwich Heys (H) W 3-2
10/01/17Tadcaster Alb (A) L 1-4
(West Riding County Cup QF)
14/01/17Cheadle Town (A) L 2-5
21/01/17Widnes (H) L 1-4
28/01/17Stockport Town (A) L 1-2
04/02/17Alsager Town (H) W 2-1
11/02/17St Helens Town (A) W 6-2
18/02/17City of Lpool (A) L 1-2
24/02/17Chadderton (H) W 1-0
04/03/17Eccleshall (A) Postp
11/03/17City of Lpool (H) L 0-2
(The Macron Cup QF)
18/03/17Lith REMYCA (H) L 0-1
21/03/17Charnock Rich (A) D 0-0
25/03/17Whitchurch Alp (A) W 1-0
28/03/17Stockport Town (H) L 1-2
01/04/17Lith REMYCA (A) W 2-1
05/04/17Eccleshall (A) W 4-2
08/04/17Eccleshall (H) W 2-1
11/04/17Widnes (A) L 0-1
15/04/17Holker OB (A) W 2-1
17/04/17Atherton LR (H) W 2-0
22/04/17Alsager Town (A) L 1-2
25/04/17Ashton Town (A) W 3-2
29/04/17Cheadle Town (H) L 0-3

Squad Details

Player Name Appearances Goals Cards Mom
  Start Sub Start Sub Red Yellow  
Patryk Barylski0000000
Daniel Bunch16110014
Edward Busfield0300000
Ben Clarkson0300000
Thomas Coulson *5010000
Benjamin Cox91501050
Aaron Davis3901000
Joshua Eastwood46160044
Connor Erangey8100010
Mark Everingham9130010
Daniel Forrest11732020
Robert Foulds5600010
Michael Garnett0400000
James Gill7410031
Kevin Gill8200010
Kyle Hancock30270164
Zack Hargreaves *6000000
Thomas Henderson121350011
Gareth Hill *0000000
Samuel Hillhouse2000010
Charlie Holt5000000
Daniel Illingworth19010054
Sam Jacomb16110010
Callum Jakovlevs (GK)53000053
Josh Kaine51030063
Samuel Lee (GK)0100000
James Longley4110010
Thomas Marshall5500010
Nicholas McNally2613161051
Joshua McNulty20010050
Lewis Morgan5030012
Matthew Moses39300033
Ryan Narey0100000
Harvey Neale1000000
Odysseas Paraskeva2100000
Shannon Christopher Pocock$1000000
Jacob Polignone0000000
Luke Richardson9030030
Daniel Riley5232000
Kevin Ryan2100001
Leon Smith141572011
William Storrie31370040
Nathan Storton0200000
Niall Sultan3010000
Luke Taylor5100010
Mark Trueman16250022
Daniel Vincent25010022
Christopher Wademan381110045
Ross Wilson11260021

* Indicates player is no longer a member of the squad

Staff Members

Charlotte Boulton 
Daniel Forrest Assistant Manager
James Gill Manager
Kevin Knappy Goal keeper Coach
Daniel Poole$ 
Hannah Smith 
Kevin Whitaker First Team Coach

Matchday Information

Ground: The Cobbydale Construction Stadium

Address: Keighley Road, Silsden, West Yorkshire

Postcode: BD20 0EH

Telephone: 07939 151829

Midweek Night: Wednesday

2015/16 Admission Prices:

Directions: A629 Skipton to Keighley road, take A6034, ground in on the left after the golf driving range.

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Club Information

Legal Entity: Unincorporated

Ground: The Cobbydale Construction Stadium

Address: Keighley Road, Silsden, West Yorkshire

Postcode: BD20 0EH

Telephone: 07939 151829


Twitter: @SilsdenFC

Registered Colours: Red Shirts, Black Shorts, Red Socks

Registered Goalkeeper Colours: Lime Green Shirt, Lime Green Shorts, Lime Green Socks

Alternative Colours: White Shirts, Red Shorts, White Socks

Alternative Goalkeeper Colours: Grey Shirt, Grey Shorts, Grey Socks

Secretary: John Barclay

Chairman: Sean McNulty

Manager: Danny Forest

Programme Editor: Peter Hanson

Committee / Directors: Sean McNulty, David Slater, Barry Thomas, Peter Hanson, John Lohan, Angela Simpson, Ryan Haigh, Jim Rosser, Eddie Sessford, Darren Binns, Lee Taylor, Kinsley Ransom, Andy Consoli, Richard Feather, John Barclay

County Affiliation: West Riding FA

Year Formed: 1904

Record Attendance: 1,564 v. F.C. United of Manchester, March 2007

Previous Leagues:

Craven & District League
West County Amateur League


Craven & District Premier Cup 1999
Craven & District Cup 1999
Craven & District Northern Cup 1999.
County Amateur Div 2 League Cup Winners 2000
County Amateur Div 1 League Winners 2000
County Amateur Div 1 League Cup Winners 2000
County Amateur Premier League Winners 2003
County Amateur Premier League Cup Winners 2003
County Amateur District Cup Winners 2003
West Riding County Challenge Cup Winners 2002, 2003, 2004
NWCFL Div 2 Runners-up 2004-2005
Reserve Division Cup Finalists 2011-12